Ayrton De Craene

Senior software writer

Full stack web engineer with 9 years of professional experience.

Likes to contribute and coach.

Passionate about building products, the makers community and remote work.

If you'd like to get into contact, you can reach me either via e-mail or Twitter.

I build:

  1. Clearbit

    The new standard in business data

  2. Remote Stories

    Anonymous stories from remote workers

I contributed to:

  1. Product Hunt

    The best new products, every day

  2. ayrton/react-key-handler

    React component to handle keyboard events 🔑

  3. ayrton/react-cluster

    React component to display large sets of data in a scroll container

  4. producthunt/chai-enzyme

    Chai.js assertions and convenience functions for testing React Components with enzyme

Technologies I like: